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Tell a New Story

As I was washing my hands, my boyfriend walks in the bathroom and says, "Happy Birthday". I'd just woke up so I was still half delusional and thought, "Wait, it's September?" lol

He remembered. Today is SASSU's birthday. Today, my baby turned 5 years old! Time sure does fly. Today I celebrate 5 years of growth, strength and resilience with SASSU. I celebrate 5 years of sharing my story with and providing service to communities, churches and schools but I also celebrate 9 years of being a survivor.

In August 2008, I experienced the most traumatic day of my life. A piece of me was violated. It took me a while to recover from it, too. Some days I remember so clearly what happened and it makes me sad but that's okay. Part of being a survivor of Sexual Violence is giving yourself permission to have the not-so good days but never allowing yourself to stay there. Love yourself all the way through it but actually move THROUGH it.

Last year, around this same…