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Tell a New Story

As I was washing my hands, my boyfriend walks in the bathroom and says, "Happy Birthday". I'd just woke up so I was still half delusional and thought, "Wait, it's September?" lol

He remembered. Today is SASSU's birthday. Today, my baby turned 5 years old! Time sure does fly. Today I celebrate 5 years of growth, strength and resilience with SASSU. I celebrate 5 years of sharing my story with and providing service to communities, churches and schools but I also celebrate 9 years of being a survivor.

In August 2008, I experienced the most traumatic day of my life. A piece of me was violated. It took me a while to recover from it, too. Some days I remember so clearly what happened and it makes me sad but that's okay. Part of being a survivor of Sexual Violence is giving yourself permission to have the not-so good days but never allowing yourself to stay there. Love yourself all the way through it but actually move THROUGH it.

Last year, around this same…

SAAM -Start The Conversation

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is less than a month away. During the month of April, organizations, supporters and advocates across the world come together to bring awareness to Sexual Violence.

The Sexual Assault Awareness Month-2015 campaign is all about campus sexual violence prevention. It’s a call to action to create safer campuses and brighter futures for all. Everyone has a role to play in creating change.

This campaign is a toolkit for advocates, campus personnel, students and allies. National Sexual Violence Resource Center provides materials that can be used to engage the entire community to take action to end sexual assault. There are factsheets, posters, and planning tools to get you started HERE. There are also plenty of ways to spread the word about #SAAM on social media. From the It’s time to act video to share graphics and downloads, you can help us engage communities in talking about campus sexual violence prevention.

What will you do in your home, community or wo…