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My Letter to you: Rape and Jokes- I Am Not Laughing

I was scrolling down my facebook page a moment ago a came across a picture from a guy who is on my friend's list. This person is a club promoter and often posts pictures that are sometimes inappropriate and that is his prerogative. What I am about to say is MY prerogative.
This is the picture that he posted. This is the picture that pissed me off. The more I stare at this picture, the more disturbing it becomes. I didn't post his name because I don't want anybody else trying to tear him to shreds. This is the my letter to you. 

I have a MAJOR problem with this being that I am a SURVIVOR of rape. I was raped by a stranger in a park on the south side of Chicago. I was with my ex-boyfriend and he approached us at gun point. I tried to fight him off but he beat me in my face until I blacked out for a moment . The left side of my jaw was numb for 5 months. I was on 3 different medications for several months along with having to get tested regularly to be certain that I had not …