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I'm F'd UP!!!!!

This is a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago but decided not to post.....


The title of today's post gave me a laugh. I try not to blog about my dating experiences but this, I have to share. I knew that this would happen. I knew that I would experience someone taking my story and using it against me. I was prepared for that. 
I met a man last week and to my surprise our first date was AMAZING. We laughed and we shared intimate conversation. He shared his stories of love and loss and I shared my story, my story about my rape. 
Let me say this first: I knew after my rape that it would be hard to encounter someone who would be willing and open enough to offer me the support that I NEED. I knew that it would be hard to encounter a Being who would genuinely understand what it is like to go through what I had been through. I knew that with dating comes the risk of telling someone my story and them using it against me. 
Now, back to this man. Let me set it up for you.....