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Who are you to NOT be FABULOUS???

I had started writing this post yesterday and finished it up this morning. 

I've had this nagging tension behind my right eye all day and as much as I told myself I would lay down and rest, now I just can't. I have to get this off my chest.

The past few weeks have been very interesting for me. I have had some amazing soul moments. Soul moments are the moments when I allow my intuition, my Spirit, My Soul to speak to me. I drown out the world and I just listen. Then I've had those moments where I doubt myself or I worry too much or I'm hesitant. Today I have had this headache for majority of the day and after cooking my very delicious dinner (yes, I'm a great cook), I decided that I would lay down for a moment to try to get rid of this eye tension or whatever it is.

Yesterday I came across an author and motivational speaker Shanel Cooper-Sykes and she put up a status that really connected with me.

"Hesitation.Im not on TV yet. So I take extreme efforts to market an…