Yes, I am talking to you! You really need to get over it! Thinking that your feelings matter and that people care about you. Well, they don't.You think that the world revolves around your SMALL self? You are not worth it. You are not worth respect, love, or any one's time. You are not worth being appreciated and looked out for. You are not worth the little things so you most certainly are not worth the big things and guess what you need to do?? Yup, GET OVER IT! No one cares how you feel. No one cares if you express yourself, hell, they're not listening anyway. You don't have an opinion and if you do, it really does not matter. You aren't pretty enough, smart enough or thin enough so hunny, GET OVER IT! Please listen to me because if you don't, you're going to end up hating yourself later. You are on this earth to play a small role. You are not here to do amazing things. You are not here to be a Light to anyone. All of the pep-talks, and encouraging words you give to people don't mean a thing. YOU DON'T MEAN A THING SO.....GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, how do you feel after reading that? How does it make your Spirit feel? What goes through your mind while reading that?

What's funny is that some of you reading this have either said some of these things to yourself or somebody has said them to you. Now, whether or not you said it or someone else said it, you need to STOP!

We feed ourselves these negative and limiting beliefs every single day and it's quite ridiculous. We allow people to speak BS into our lives and we accept it every single time. Stop lying to yourself. Stop feeding and eating mess and still expecting for everything to get better. It won't get better until YOU get better. In order for you to get better, you have to remove the lies and replace it with TRUTH. Now, I am not saying that everything that has been said about you is a lie, but it's up to you to search your heart and decide what goes and what needs to stay.

We are pissed, angry and just plain mad at the world because someone told us something negative about ourselves and we chose to believe it so now we're ready to cuss, fuss and slap the daylights out of someone. Someone told you that you don't matter and you ain't shit and because you CHOSE to believe that, now you're mad? That man that you like so much won't take you out on a date, introduce you to his parents, put a ring on it, or take care of the baby that you all created together and after ACCEPTING all of that, you're mad? Listen, GET OVER IT! Yes, today is the day that you need to get all the way over it. 

We accept all of these things whether we know it or are willing to admit it or not. We make a choice to swallow the BS or to regurgitate it. Today is the day you go to the bathroom, stand over the toilet, stick your fingers in your mouth and THROW IT UP!!!! Throw up all of the nonsense that people try to bring into your life. Throw up the belief that you are not good enough, brilliant enough or beautiful enough. Throw up the belief that you are not here to do great things and touch some one's life. If you don't throw it up you're going to get FAT! You're going to be weighed down with anger, frustration, hurt, disappointment, depression, sadness and doubt. THROW IT UP!!!!! Once you throw it up, GET OVER IT! 

You need to get over it because it's a L I E. You need to get over it because you are so beautiful and you have so many wonderful things to do in this world. Listen, I'm not just writing this blog for my health. I know what it feels like. I know how it feels to feed yourself negativity or to listen to some one's opinion as to who you are. Some of you swallow it every single day and it's making you sick! You can't figure out why you are so angry and ready to knock somebody out if they even look at you the wrong way and it's because you've allowed all of these horrible and limiting beliefs into your atmosphere, your energy, your mind, your heart, your spirit. You have forgotten that you are DIVINE! You have forgotten that you light up a room wherever you go. You have forgotten that even though that man doesn't want you, you have that other man who stares and smiles at you when you're not looking and he's just waiting for the opportunity to make you his Queen. You forgot that God lives withIN you and you carry that light every where that you go but you believe that you are so small and you can't shine? It's a LIE and you need to throw it up. 

You decide who you are. You decide what you allow into your space. You have to realize that you control everything in your life. You decide what you eat. Are you eating love, joy, peace, prosperity, good health, healthy relationships, healthy self esteem? Or are you eating hate, depression, sickness, drama, jealousy, sadness? Regurgitate the bad...GET OVER IT and move forward with the good. Feed yourself some good, you deserve it but you won't get it until you realize that you deserve it. Decide that today it the day you love yourself more and regurgitate all of the people who won't love you or don't have the capacity to. When you get over the bad, the good can come in but it's your CHOICE. What are you going to choose?


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