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Yes, I am talking to you! You really need to get over it! Thinking that your feelings matter and that people care about you. Well, they don't.You think that the world revolves around your SMALL self? You are not worth it. You are not worth respect, love, or any one's time. You are not worth being appreciated and looked out for. You are not worth the little things so you most certainly are not worth the big things and guess what you need to do?? Yup, GET OVER IT! No one cares how you feel. No one cares if you express yourself, hell, they're not listening anyway. You don't have an opinion and if you do, it really does not matter. You aren't pretty enough, smart enough or thin enough so hunny, GET OVER IT! Please listen to me because if you don't, you're going to end up hating yourself later. You are on this earth to play a small role. You are not here to do amazing things. You are not here to be a Light to anyone. All of the pep-talks, and encouraging words y…

Who are you to NOT be FABULOUS???

I had started writing this post yesterday and finished it up this morning. 

I've had this nagging tension behind my right eye all day and as much as I told myself I would lay down and rest, now I just can't. I have to get this off my chest.

The past few weeks have been very interesting for me. I have had some amazing soul moments. Soul moments are the moments when I allow my intuition, my Spirit, My Soul to speak to me. I drown out the world and I just listen. Then I've had those moments where I doubt myself or I worry too much or I'm hesitant. Today I have had this headache for majority of the day and after cooking my very delicious dinner (yes, I'm a great cook), I decided that I would lay down for a moment to try to get rid of this eye tension or whatever it is.

Yesterday I came across an author and motivational speaker Shanel Cooper-Sykes and she put up a status that really connected with me.

"Hesitation.Im not on TV yet. So I take extreme efforts to market an…