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The Truth- Part 1



I often find myself doing this, of course it's called breathing. I find myself before speaking or writing, doing breathing exercises. I inhale then exhale slowly, close my eyes for a moment then open them again. It kinda helps calm the nerves.

Here we go.......

I was supposed to be doing a post on my Birthday but that didn't happen due to me preparing for my trip home to Chicago. Ya know, it's funny how the very place you were running from, dying to get away from, ends up being the very place you end up coming back to. I'd said that I would never come back to this place nor the people, yet, I'm here.

There are so many memories here for me, of course because this is my hometown and I had not moved from it until last year. This is the place where my rape occurred. This is the place where I got my heart broken multiple times but nothing compared to the One who REALLY broke it.  There is a twitter/facebook friend of mine who always says, "Hearts don&…