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Incest:Protect Your Children by Patricia Singleton

Today's blog post  features another guest blogger, Patricia Singleton. I have had the pleasure of following her on Twitter and she has been an inspiration to me as well as so many others.  I think that it is so important for us to suport one another and to give survivors a chance for their voices to be heard. I hope that her story is also an inspiration to you as it has been to me. Below, Patricia reflects back on her memories as a child:

My story as an incest survivor begins with my memories of sitting out in my front yard on a hot summer night with my uncle and my younger sister. Our chairs are lined up in a row, my uncle's, mine and then my little sister.  I don't remember the conversation, if there even was one? My mother is busy in the house. My daddy isn't come yet.  What I remember is that I was wearing shorts because the weather was so hot.  Daddy didn't let my sister and I wear shorts anywhere but at home. I remember being scared and not understanding why …