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My Father's Day Reflection

Yesterday,  some of you celebrated Father's Day by presenting your fathers with cards, candy, flowers or what have you. I, however, did not get the opportunity to do so. Am I upset? Naaah. Unfortunately and fortunately, I grew up without my biological father in my life. He left when I was about 8 or 9 and popped back up when I was 20. As the years went by I realized that some of my problems and hangups regarding men came from me not having a father around. I made a lot of mistakes that I feel would've probably had a different outcome had I had him there. Had my Dad been there to say "Baby girl, you are beautiful.", I probably wouldn't have sought those words out from males who said but didn't even close to mean it.  Had my Dad been there to lend his shoulder for me to cry on and say "You are worth more", "You are a queen." when my "highschool sweetheart" supposedly broke my heart (so I thought at the time), I probably wouldn'…