Why Turn to Hate and Violence? by Cory H

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Today we have a guest blogger who is, to me, a phenomenal soul. He has been such a light in my life for the short time that I have know him and I can truly say that I am honored to have encountered such a Being. The other day I disclosed to him the reason behind my starting SASSU. I then asked him if he would like to be a guest blogger  because I admire and am always inspired as to the way his mind works. I believe that the Universe connects us to people all over the world for a specific reason and I know that Cory is not only a beautiful soul but he is destined for no less than GREATNESS. I am also amazed at the inspirational dialogue that us humans have the ability to create and bring into manifestation. The  beautiful differences of the mind has allowed us to come together and try to make sense of this thing we call LIFE.  We briefly talked the other day on the "WHY's" of Violence.

I hope that you all enjoy his mind as I have.............

It is an incessant and recurring tragedy, that such harm and pain that we know, we as a species inflict upon ourselves..

"Why", here, serves better as just the question than any of the many answers one might apply to it.  It is easy to just assume, and there are so many reasons one might turn to hurting or hating someone before they would love that One. Maybe a rapist has as long and ugly a family history as you can imagine.. Maybe a closer influence suggested to an impressionable and twisted mind that such harms as the ones he inflicts on others are justified (at least for him) by the ends. That what you have done to another person isn't so serious. That the hurt that they have caused is not so bad.

There's no rationalization or justification for such horrible pains as that inflicted upon the woman. What is committed in the act of a rape is the defilement of something/One incredibly sacred.. The scarring of something that is just so wholly divine that such a blight hurts us all for generations. That woman will know a cruelty of existence that this world simply shouldn't foster, and should she ever find herself strong enough to know love again, that light, too, is often tainted by the hatred she keeps for her assaulter. Her children will have sensed often her pain or her distance. It isn't washed away. No, such an act is not to be explained and written off and away.. Violence, in general, should not be.

Why we turn to such (Self-)hatred and violence before we do Love and Respect is a question with as many answers as there are possibilities man could fathom ~ I feel that to know and ponder the question means a lot more.. But I am of the simple mind that where there is violence, there is something Wrong.. There is something wrong when a man "must" fight for Peace or Equality. There is something wrong when a man can not cherish the woman enough to respect her vessel. Or honor himself enough to avoid such schisms in his own soul. Or enough to honor where he came from ~ his Mother. There's something wrong when we are raising our kids to hold true this separation, this you vs me-ism, this hunger and lust for all things un-affordable, at the expense of all things invaluable. How we treat one another is an ugly reflection of that. There is something definitely wrong in this.

Some great majority of our worst atrocities stem from the notion that we do not, in fact, Belong to each other. What we take from our neighbor comes from either a sense of entitlement or longing ~ we are starving, and we seek to fill this empty space with what "they" have. So be it across a sea or a street, we have taken and we have pillaged and we have ripped away from some other we have deemed unworthy... We All know pain and loss, yet as we don't see a connection between "my" pain and "theirs", we trade it away for their gold and their trinkets, not realizing how this affects All of us. There is something definitely wrong in this.

"It is in our nature to be violent," does not seem accurate to me. "It is in our history," seems only a little more appropriate. "We just don't know any better," perhaps, as we much know better to do better, and Collectively, we don't often express such wisdom. But Here and Now are the where such things might change, and where they must. Generations after this needn't ever experience a lot of the horrors we inflict on one another on a Daily Basis.

Know Love. Show Love.

Cory H.
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