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Self Love Before Making Love

Last week I was asked to speak to a group of girls about STD's, HIV/AIDS. The ages ranged from 6 to to 15 yrs old. Most of the children are either infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Being that this was my first time talking  to a group so young regarding this particular topic, I was a bit overwhelmed. However, you are never to young to contract an STD or HIV/AIDS. You all have to forgive me because this has been such a powerful two weeks so my emotions are all over the place. Though I am a Sexual Assault Advocate, I'm also an ally of the LGBT community, STD/HIV/AIDS awareness, and domestic violence. I feel that they all in some way are related to one another.

They all effect the community.

They all effect the WORLD.

And the silence needs to be BROKEN!

I went on Thursday to speak to a group of children who are a part of a not for profit organization called The Children's Place Association. I was bum-rushed, if you will, by very energetic young ladies who found my orange-b…