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Embrace The Skin YOU are IN!

This past Saturday June 25, 2011. I had the honor of being one of the presenters at "Embrace the Skin You're In" Health Extravaganza. This event was held at Rock of Ages Church in the beautiful Spiritual Growth and Development Center. Men, women and children attended the event either alone, with friends or with family members. The event started off with the host and personal fitness trainer, Brittany Ramsey, getting the crowd warmed up by exercising. People also had the opportunity to get tons of information from the non-profit and business vendors who were there. Vendors included but were not limited to, The American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, Westlake Hospital, who provided free blood pressure screenings and bone density screenings and a host of other really amazing vendors. All of the presenters spoke on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of healthy living and I was fortunate enough to be apart of a monumental event.

All of la…

Incest:Protect Your Children by Patricia Singleton

Today's blog post  features another guest blogger, Patricia Singleton. I have had the pleasure of following her on Twitter and she has been an inspiration to me as well as so many others.  I think that it is so important for us to suport one another and to give survivors a chance for their voices to be heard. I hope that her story is also an inspiration to you as it has been to me. Below, Patricia reflects back on her memories as a child:

My story as an incest survivor begins with my memories of sitting out in my front yard on a hot summer night with my uncle and my younger sister. Our chairs are lined up in a row, my uncle's, mine and then my little sister.  I don't remember the conversation, if there even was one? My mother is busy in the house. My daddy isn't come yet.  What I remember is that I was wearing shorts because the weather was so hot.  Daddy didn't let my sister and I wear shorts anywhere but at home. I remember being scared and not understanding why …

My Father's Day Reflection

Yesterday,  some of you celebrated Father's Day by presenting your fathers with cards, candy, flowers or what have you. I, however, did not get the opportunity to do so. Am I upset? Naaah. Unfortunately and fortunately, I grew up without my biological father in my life. He left when I was about 8 or 9 and popped back up when I was 20. As the years went by I realized that some of my problems and hangups regarding men came from me not having a father around. I made a lot of mistakes that I feel would've probably had a different outcome had I had him there. Had my Dad been there to say "Baby girl, you are beautiful.", I probably wouldn't have sought those words out from males who said but didn't even close to mean it.  Had my Dad been there to lend his shoulder for me to cry on and say "You are worth more", "You are a queen." when my "highschool sweetheart" supposedly broke my heart (so I thought at the time), I probably wouldn'…

Your Life, Your Decisions. ACT LIKE IT.


As mentioned in a previous blog, over the next couple of weeks I will be featuring some phenomenal guest bloggers. All of the topics may or may not be related to Sexual Abuse because I wanted to give all of the bloggers a chance to blog about whatever they felt comfortable with. I hope that over the next few weeks you are inspired in some way.

The first guest blogger I'd like to introduce is Javania M. Webb. She is a beautiful person and friend whom I have known for many years. She is the founder of Javania M Webb INC where she empowers young women to know and walk in their worthiness. Feel free to follow her on twitter!/JavaniaMWebb  ENJOY! :-)

Hi! Javania M Webb here.. When Jacquese asked me to do a guest blog the wheels in my mind started turning because I ALWAYS have so much to say about empowerment, self-esteem, worthiness, and being the best awsomesauce you can be.
When you read this title what does that mean to you? I know what it means to …

HEEEY SLUTS!!!!! :-)

MAN! It feels good to blog again. I've missed you guys! I hope you've missed me :-)

Over the next few weeks SASSU will be featuring some phenomenal guest bloggers so please stay tuned. I am really excited to see what they will be blogging about. Hope you are too!!!

Now, shall we get down to it?? WE SHALL.

June 4, 2011 was SLUT WALK CHICAGO. The event was held in downtown Chicago where men  and women gathered together and once again stood for something that was positive. Although I was not able to attend, you all know I was still kept abreast as to what went on in my absence.
Check out more info:

Just to give you all some background information on how this, what I consider to be, a very monumental event came about:

On January 24, 2011 Constable Michael Sanguinetti and another officer from the Toronto's Police Service  Division were speakers at a York University safety forum. The school has had some problems with crime and the officers wer…