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S.A.S.S.U Sexual Assault Survivors Standing Up: Break the Silence

Break the Silence

Happy Monday Everyone!

This past Friday I was in the downtown Chicago area taking care of business as usual. As I was crossing the street to meet a friend for lunch, I noticed people.....standing.....SILENTLY. Each of them had on a shirt. Each of them had a phrase:

"No, you do not have to kiss your daddy good night."

"Just because we were friends, that did not mean it was okay to rape me."

"Say NO to Rape."

You get my drift...

So I stood in amazement at these, women and teens of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Finally, I decided to ask what the movement was for. One of the workers from RVA (Rape Victim Advocates, Chicago,IL) informed me that it was Breaking the Silence Day. Men, women and teens who are survivors of sexual assault, volunteers of RVA or just your ordinary person who cares for the cause, were standing in silence for one hour to show their support. She also stated that if I wanted, I could grab a shirt and stand in for the last…