Moving Forward

Happy Monday everyone!

Though I was not planning on blogging today, my spirit felt the urge to do so. HERE WE GO!

I woke up a couple of days ago humming this song "Moving Forward". Some of the words I did not even know I knew, I just kept humming the melody. Finally I looked up the lyrics and found that they totally related to me and this new journey that I am on. I posted the song below for your listening pleasure :-). Anyhow, often times we want to hold on to people and things who do not necessarily have our best interest at heart. Or we, after being delivered from a situation or person, go back to that same situation and or person  that we begged and prayed for God to just make it okay.

Just so you know, sometimes my blogs are not going to be about sexual assault but everything that I blog about will somehow correlate. I feel restricted right now to say what I KNOW I need to get out of my system but I will digress for today and say this: Healing is an EVERYDAY process. You do not just wake up one day and all is right with the world. That would be great though wouldn't it?

Healing is what exercise is to the body. You cannot work out one day and expect to see the results immediately. You have to exercise consistantly and eat the proper foods. Sometimes during the process of wanting to lose weight, you may want to give up. You may think that because you do not see those results immediately that your exercising is in vain. You may even go back to old habits of not eating healthy, eating too late, and slacking on your workout routines.

No matter what, we...YES WE, have to continue to move forward. No matter how hard things get and no matter the negative thoughts that begin to take over your mind you have to always press. Continue speaking positivity over your life despite how you may feel. Get up everyday with a goal in mind and press to accomplish that goal.

Looking back because of the memories that have been created is good but never go back to the things, people or places that distorted your mind in the first place. Allow God or whomever your higher being is, to bring whatever "IT" may be, back together. In the meantime, this is a new beginning for you. Your healing process has started and though you may not be where you think you should be, you are EXACTLY where you should be in this present moment.

Always, ALWAYS know that you are amazing and you are destined to do great things in this world. When you start to feel discouraged because you feel like your process is moving too slow, begin thinking about where you used to be, how you used to feel and who made you feel that way. Promise yourself that though you may miss those things, people and places, you are headed for MUCH BETTER! You are not your past. All is forgiven and you can start over. You can HEAL.

Affirmation: I am exactly where I need to be. Today, in this moment, I am OKAY the way that I am.

Consistency is key you all. In the meantime, trust the process and continue moving forward.

Be Amazing, Be a LIGHT


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